Food Departments

Explore the essence of Asian cuisine with Tai Ping's premier selection. From fresh seafood and vibrant produce to authentic Hong Kong BBQ and expertly prepared meats, our range is designed for the culinary adventurer. Discover convenience, quality, and authenticity in every aisle, making Tai Ping your go-to for Asian culinary delights.

Asian Grocery

Explore our Asian Grocery for a wide range of authentic sauces, noodles, spices, and more, perfect for adding an Asian twist to any meal. This department is a culinary treasure trove for foreigners looking to dive into Asian cooking traditions.


Our team start their day at 2.00 am to work with growers and local markets. they are devoted to bringing the freshest, seasonal fruit and vegetables to your table at competitive prices. You will find out vast range of Asian and local fresh produce to meet your needs.


Our Seafood department offers an exceptional array of fresh and sustainable seafood, selected daily. Ideal for those eager to explore traditional Asian dishes or simply enjoy high-quality fish and shellfish, our selection promises freshness and flavor.


Our Butchery section caters to both familiar favorites and adventurous tastes, offering high-quality meats perfect for any recipe. Expertly prepared by our butchers, these selections bridge the gap between traditional Asian and Western culinary practices.

Chilled & Frozen

Our Chilled & Frozen selections offer convenience without compromise. Featuring ready-to-cook meals, vegetables, and desserts from across Asia, this department is perfect for busy food lovers seeking authentic flavors with minimal prep.

Hong Kong BBQ

Indulge in the rich flavors of our Hong Kong BBQ, where traditional Chinese roasting techniques meet quality ingredients. From succulent BBQ duck to crispy pork belly, our offerings make exotic dining an accessible adventure for all.